Pining Dew 2

Today I remembered my first love (and some other obsessions), after finding our old vase.

When I was young, I wrote this parable about an alien loving pineapples. Only very specific ones, however. His human partner would not like how they would ferment, and they couldn’t speak the same tongue. I guess nothing makes sense when you are in love, and little more matters when you are drunk on it.

The days that followed I went swimming so often. Sometimes it felt like waves of lavender bringing sleep, more often though it was tides of gin & tonic drowning it.

There were always tears at the end, burning my cheek and salting my glass. But there is no end.

Top notes: ananas fermentat, lavanda, piper negru, piper roz

Heart notes: gin tonic

Base notes: mahmureala, lacrimi sarate, Java vetiver, cedru, boabe de tonka

Categorie olfactiva: tropical-lemnos

Sex: unsiex

Tip: extrait de parfum

Cantitate: 15ml-30ml-60ml

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