Generation Godard

Today I remembered small pleasures, seeing a familiar name in a newspaper.

Eating sour candy.
The soda soaked cup at the end of a visit to the cinema, and my sore tongue picking at popcorn kernels stuck in my teeth.
What a big accomplishment. Just like the films they put on for me.

A favorite of mine said I am part of the “children of Karl Marx and Coca Cola”. I’m not sure what he meant, but I never want to forget again. The characters burned so fast only the cigarette butts remained.
We held hands. Children were conceived in that cinema, and grown-ups turned back.

Someone gave me a light.

Top notes: scaune de cinema, jeleuri

Heart notes: popcorn, cola, pahar de carton, trandafir

Base notes: ziar, filtru de tigari, mosc, labdanum, ambrette

Categorie olfactiva: gourmand-oriental

Sex: unsiex

Tip: extrait de parfum

Cantitate: 15ml-30ml-60ml

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