Things We Never Shared

Today I remembered the week before Christmas. Sunday 18.12.


Waiting at the train station in Paris, years ago, for a promise made 6 months prior in Vienna.

People around me coming from the fair, flowers gifted, drinks had, sweet moments shared… Sweet nothings.


We had so many plans too. We spoke about so much in such little time.

And still said too little.

You gave me all of you, I gave you all that was left of me.


A toddler is crying on a bench to my right, his hands touching a hot cocoa cup for the first time. I am cold, too.

My hands are cracked, and yours are absent.

I put some sun cream on to remember the better days.


Maybe next year.

Top notes: advocaat, mandarine, vin fiert, narcise, zambile

Heart notes: sacher torte, cassis macaron, gem de prune, croissant cu miere, panettone cu migdale si portocala

Base notes: tutun de pipa, mir, santal, spikenard, rasina de brad, abanos. cacao, caramel, ghiocei 

Categorie olfactiva: gourmand-fructat-ambrat

Sex: unsiex

Tip: extrait de parfum

Cantitate: 15ml-30ml-60ml

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