Silent at The Theme Park

Today I remembered my mother and her sweater. I remember eating this small lemon tart on my first flight ever. They took me to a theme park when I was 5 and I smudged it.

There are lilacs knocking on the windows now, just like then. The rooms used to seem so big back then, and life so colorful. The linens smelled so calm. It was spring and the garden by our hotel room was in full blossom.
I remember playing with my toys, staying inside…. It was never-ending, unlike the rides.

I remember the screams and their hugs. Twenty years fly by but I don’t seem to…

Top notes: tarta de lamaie, floare de portocal, salcam, lilac

Heart notes: lacramioare, cacao, ylang ylang, acord de asternut curat, acord de pulover din casmir

Base notes: tamaie, rasina de brad, labdanum, patchouli, cedru, oakmoss, vanilie

Categorie olfactiva: fresh-floral-ambrat

Sex: unsiex

Tip: extrait de parfum

Cantitate: 15ml-30ml-60ml

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