Inexcusable Evil

Today I remembered destruction. The pain of life often makes me forget the more disgusting pain of having it taken.

Fallen buildings on the news, crying babies, burnt flowers.
Memories lost, tears drowned, coffees never shared…

At least I have iodine on my wounds and crutches left to use, but what about those that don’t?
The next war will decide not what is right, but what is left.


Hate all governments & love all people

Top notes: praf de pusca

Heart notes: sande, bandaje, betadina , flori arse, lemn de gaiac, copaiba, nagarmotha

Base notes: ciment, tamaie, santal

Categorie olfactiva: mineral-afumat-lemnos

Sex: unsiex

Tip: extrait de parfum

Cantitate: 15ml-30ml-60ml

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